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Please Note: All inspection reports comply with the Australian Standard and have been approved by the major Insurance Agent of the Pest Management Industry, RAPID Solutions Pty Ltd



Pest Control Business Manager
PCBM - Home Page

Welcome to Australian Access Software's Home Web Page, we are the developers of the successful Pest Control Business Manager Computer Software or PCBM.

PCBM is a computer program designed from the ground up specifically for small and medium sized Pest Control businesses wanting to have a more efficient, automate and effective control over their office management and procedures. PCBM can also be used for Pest Control mixed businesses that also perform regular inspections or services, such as Carpet Cleaning, Property Inspections, Building Services, Sub-Floor Ventilation and others.
PCBM is a valuable tool that will automate many of the time consuming tasks involved in managing your business like:

  • Invoicing, sending statements, chasing payments,  and preparing financial reports (invoice booklet used in the field does not give you instant financial reports, cash flow situation, electronic property history or the benefits to have the whole client's service history and information at the touch of a button),

  • Scheduling jobs to be followed in the future (with PCBM you will say good-bye to the old manual card system),

  • Property History Record Keeping (again say good-bye to your old manual hand written card system),

  • Managing customer information (forget about your complex, time consuming and large MS Excel or Word files riddled with duplicated and out of date data. PCBM uses the reliable and efficient MS Access Relational Database to organize your data),

  • Reporting technician’s performance (no more pencil and paper to calculate your technician's weekly, monthly, etc work performance),

  • Sending Reminders, Overdue and Marketing letters (No more typing and retyping letters, with PCBM you tag the client and print the letter by either merging it with MS Word for further editing or print it straight from PCBM.

  • Preparing Timber and Termite Inspection Reports (See more details below).

PCBM has all the power and versatility of the other computer programs in the market but at a better value in terms of both time and money (NO MONTHLY FEE CHARGED). Whether you are a new user needing a first-time system or an experienced user frustrated with a complicated and cumbersome competitor’s package, you will be impressed with PCBM’s feature-packed but easy-to-use format at a reasonable price.

PCBM's Features

The following is a short list of some of the main benefits your business can achieve by using PCBM.

Customer Account Information
Maintained in a one-screen tabbed file for instant access to all individual customer data.
Multiple Service Locations
Easily manage customers with multiple service locations and keep them together with details of the service history for each location.
Full Message and Contact Log section
You can record and print details of phone calls, emails, internal notes and instructions for any client for future reference.

Client Job Activity
One-screen access to all invoices, properties, reports issued and reminders set up for every client.
Microsoft Word Mail Merge
Easily create and send custom merge documents to an individual or a group of your clients and prospect base.

Work Order Sheets
Quickly print information with details of the client, service scheduled and the history of previous services in the property so your technician is always informed about any ongoing problem.

Marketing capabilities
Details of targeted prospects and customers can be tagged and merged with Microsoft Word, sent to a fax template or used to print mailing labels and emails.

Marketing Reporting
Our Client Referral Source Report tracks what marketing methods work and how well.

Complete Invoicing module
PCBM makes creating and maintaining invoices a simple task, allowing you to concentrate on other things. You can search invoices by number, client's name or by property address. Invoices can also be created from an existing work order or just from scratch,

Professional looking invoices, statements and work orders
Even a small company wants to look great in front of its customers. PCBM provides you with professional looking documents, including your company logo. Invoice, Statement and Work Order templates have been designed to be fax-friendly or emailed as PDF attachment and can fit in an standard window envelope for quick posting.

Billing History
See all open and closed invoices, current balances, aged invoices and payments with printing capabilities.

GST support
PCBM will calculate and add the corresponding amount of GST applicable to the service performed in either case, the price charged is inclusive of GST or the price charged is before GST.

Use the Aged Invoices Center to see who owes you
PCBM’s invoicing module provides you with a section to monitor your customer's debt which will aid you in collecting your money smoothly and efficiently. This section includes an invoice overdue standard letter that can be customized using MS Word and an Aged Receivable Report List which can be used as a "dunning report" to insure the collection of accounts receivable.

Termite and Timber Inspection Reports 
Creating a Timber Pest Inspection Report or a Termite Inspection Report in the computer has never been so easy and quick. PCBM’s timber/termite inspection report module uses drop down boxes, check boxes, standard wordings and also an easy way to attach photos. They are professional looking reports that comply with the AS 3660.2 and AS 4349.3.

PCBM's Minimum Requirements

Intel Pentium III or 4 processor computer at 1.00 GHz
512 or 1024 MB of Memory RAM
8Mb Video card (1024 x 768 screen resolutions @ 24 bit)
17" Colour Monitor
20Gb Hard Disk
Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home or Windows 2000
Microsoft Word 2000, 2002 or higher
Optional Extras CD-R or DVD RAM drive for data backup